How it works?

School gets licenses for its students.
Career counselor invites students to the application. They can use it at home or school.
Students can easily share their results with career counselor within the app.
Career counselor use the outputs for face to face counseling and support.

Who is Salmondo designed for?

  • Students in secondary and tertiary education
  • School counselors and career advisers
  • Teachers engaged in career choice and vocational guidance.
  • School psychologists
  • Parents

The Salmondo architecture is based on good career counselling practice and consists of three chapters - Discover, Think and Plan&Do. Each chapter includes modules - individual functions, psychological tests or topic areas. 

Discover and Think

A number of psychological tests and tools which will help you get to know yourself better and find a suitable career and study fields which fit your personality, motivation, strength and values.
Personality and interest psychological tests
A combination of tests and questionnaires for career choice. One test cannot tell you who to be but a combination of several suitably chosen ones can suggest in what life role you might feel happy.
Positive-psychological and managerial methods
These are techniques which are popular in coaching and counselling. They will help you clarify and use your ideas about yourself, your experience and experiences for further development. Moreover, you will work further with your answers in Salmondo.

Plan & Do

With the help of tried and tested psychological and managerial techniques, you will create a vision of who you want to be in the future and plan how to get there. 
Creating a plan
You will create a picture (a vision) of the life you want to live and what you want to achieve. You will set up realistic steps (SMART goals) thanks to which you will make your vision come true..
Evaluation and coaching
To reach your goals, you will need to observe and evaluate your progress as you fulfill them. This is what regular evaluations and GROW coaching is for, which will help you identify and remove obstacles preventing you from reaching your goals.

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