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Choosing the right path can be difficult. Let's make it easier.

Join more than 50 000 students Salmondo has already helped to find the right field of study and career.

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ilustrativní obrázek

What is Salmondo?

Salmondo is a simple web app designed to help young people to discover more about their personality, strengths and interests and find majors and careers that fit their personalities. It contains several questionnaires and psychological tests, as well as other psychological methods to help determine what is important for you when it comes to making a decision about your future.

How does it work?

1. Get to know yourself

Thanks to our psychological tests and questionnaire you find out more about your personality, strengths and interests.

2. Choose the one

Make use of the tests and discover what majors and careers are a good fit for you and create a plan of what you want to achieve in the future.

3. Work on your goals

Are you serious about your future? Salmondo will help you set your goals and regularly work on their fulfilment.