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Read the most frequently asked questions and answers about Salmondo and its tests which interest you. If you do not find your question here, do not hesitate to contact us.

A technical one: I have registered but have not received an activation email. How can I solve this?

The most likely reason is that the email with the activation link has been wrongly evaluated and moved into spam. Please check your spam folder and if this was the case, mark the email as 'not spam'. If the activation email is not in your spam folder, contact us. We will activate your account for you and help you solve the problem with receiving our emails.

How specific are the results? Will I be given specific fields (university department) which would be suitable for me?

Yes, you will! In the full version of the S-Focus test results, you will be given suggested professions suitable for your personality-interest type as well as tips on what university fields can prepare you for the given career.

Other psychological methods offer the evaluation of specific content, such as recommendations for suitable personal development, as well as a general description.

I already did a career test at secondary school. The results told me I should be either a florist or an astronaut. Are your tests better?

There are many psychological questionnaires of varying quality. Unfortunately, it is true that many of these tests do not produce reliable results and are more suitable for amusement than for deeper reflection. We had the same experience ourselves, so we aimed to bring about change.

This is why Salmondo delivers a set of honestly localized tests that are truly professional. We collaborate with the most experienced Czech psychologists in this field. And "serious" tests (S-Personality, S-Focus) are clearly separated from the mostly fun ones (S-Type).

What is the purpose of planning my goals and how will my personal vision help me?

A vision is necessary if we want to achieve something bigger. It is a positively defined idea about where we are heading - it keeps us focused, directs and motivates us. It provides security whenever we need it.

A more detailed explanation of the vision and how to correctly formulate it can be found on our blog in the article "What is a personal vision and which 3 steps lead us to it?"

Tests for choosing a school or profession are free on the Internet, why should I pay for them?

The quality of psychological tests on the Internet is diverse and difficult for the layman to assess (to learn how to recognize a good-quality test, read the other answers below). In the vast majority of cases, these are just the simplest psychological tests with no additional continuity. Unfortunately, the result of such tests is often misleading and inaccurate. Salmondo, on the other hand, offers several tests that together make it possible to map the personality structure from multiple angles.

But most importantly - the psychological tests in Salmondo are just the beginning. We continue to work with their results and help people identify the direction they want to take and plan the goals they want to achieve. To do this, Salmondo also helps to maintain motivation in the long run.

Who exactly is Salmondo for?

Salmondo is designed for high school, university and graduate students. Both secondary schools and universities, as well as consultants, might include Salmondo in their counselling practice.

I know what I want to study, so is Salmondo not suitable for me?

Quite the opposite! Choosing a study field is just the beginning. Graduates of the same fields often do various jobs suited to different personality types. This is not only the case in the "broad" fields of economy (compare the work style and content of an accountant with a businessman) but also in more specific fields such as medicine. There is a big difference between the work of a doctor-researcher, a paediatrician or an anesthesiologist in a hospital.

Salmondo focuses not only on the fields of study but can also help with the choice of a suitable work orientation. Salmondo will tell you what to consider when looking for a job.

And most importantly, self-knowledge is only the first pillar of Salmondo. We know that, behind any success, there is usually a lot of determination and perseverance. That is why Salmondo has the tools with which you will be able to effectively plan for the life you want to live with and to motivate yourself to really follow your vision.

I know what I want, I have a problem with postponing it, I find it hard to stay motivated. Can Salmondo help me in any way?

Sure. Whether it is procrastination or a burnout syndrome, these are conditions that are closely related to the motivation and the sense we are looking for in our work. Salmondo helps identify the motivating activities that naturally get us into the flow state, understand our own personality and also contains chapters dedicated to planning and motivation - they will help you stay efficient.

How can a personality test tell me what field to choose? I cannot believe that a psychological test can do this. Should I base my decision on just one test?

A psychological test is a method of obtaining information. Although the tests are based on different theories, their practical evaluation is based on mathematics and statistics, so, as in the case of laboratory analysis, there is no reason why the test would "not work out".

A mistake would be if you underestimated (as in the first question) or overestimated (as in the second question) the test - in general, attaching the wrong meaning to the test results.

We place great emphasis on explaining the meaning, principles and limits of each of the methods used to Salmondo users. If you are not sure what to do with the tests, read more answers to the frequently asked questions and accompanying texts in Salmondo app. They are sure to answer many of your questions - and do not hesitate to contact us if you still have more questions.

What if the result does not show the profession /field I want to do? Does that mean I am not suitable for the profession and I should not try it at all?

By no means. Psychological personality tests have several benefits and three can be selected:

  • thanks to them, we learn more about the dimensions of our personality and therefore we learn about who we are;
  • we get feedback through them;
  • can provide us with the experience of people who have similar traits to us.

Professions are usually recommended based on people´s experience with a similar personality or interest type and job descriptions. That does not mean that such work cannot be successfully performed by a very different type of personality. It is good to consider these differences and how they might affect the given work. For example, a journalist should typically be good at working with texts and communicating with people. However, a war reporter or an author of a science magazine might need other key qualities.  Still, it needs to be considered what such a specific profession might involve, such as it might be harder to find work, it might mean going against the tide when studying or at work and it might be harder to change jobs, which brings about the risk of burning out.

Personality and interests are important factors for choosing a profession, but far from being the only ones. Salmondo counts on this and leads the users to think about many more aspects of study and work. But the point is always to learn more about ourselves and to clarify their goals - and perhaps to also discuss them with other people. Ultimately, however, the decision is up to each of us - and so it should be.

And the above mentioned is valid both ways. If Salmondo recommends a study field, it will not guarantee career perfection. Salmondo does not know everything, such as about the user's health or partner, which also matter when choosing a career.

Is there a suitable time to complete the test? Do I have to answer in the morning before breakfast? :-)

Ideally, make enough time for the test in a private and quiet environment. Tests should be filled in normal psychological condition, not in anger, euphoria or severe fatigue - this could lead to a deviation in the results, though not always significant.

Are you trying to replace counsellors? Can counselling work online without an interview?

Salmondo is not supposed to replace counsellors, psychologists or coaches. Quite the contrary - Salmondo complements and enhances their work. We also believe that through Salmondo, a lot more people will become interested in self-knowledge and development and in consultation with experts. Salmondo offers the range of methods and techniques that practitioners use in practice at a reasonable price and the comfort of home or school to everyone.

If you want to do the best for yourself and your qualified choice, the best thing to do is to consult your Salmondo results. A discussion with people close to you will provide you with insightful feedback and a consultation with experts offers greater insight and objectivity. We believe in combining Salmondo with personal consultations and are therefore working on an independent catalogue of counsellors. 

How do I recognize a good-quality psychological test?

From the formal point of view, a good-quality test definitely needs to be localized, which means it has to take into account the environment in which it is used. That means not asking questions the user does not understand or which could be misleading. The answers have to be interpreted correctly. Connected to this is how up-to-date the test is.   Our society is developing dynamically and using 30-year-old tests can in many cases lead to not very valuable results. Therefore it is important that the test is adapted to current times. 

A crucial feature of a well-prepared personality test is also that it has been normalized. At the same time, it is probably the most neglected part of the preparation. Why? Normalization consists of collecting and statistically processing a large sample of responses before the test is offered to the public, which is very laborious. However, it is also necessary. Here's an example: Gregor gained +6 points in the 10-question extraversion test. He may seem like a slight extrovert. But what if the average of all respondents is +7 points? In that case, Gregor's result is slightly introverted.

Before normalizing, the validity and reliability of the test has to be analyzed - if the test measures what it should and how accurate it is. Surprisingly, even a lot of professional tests which have been unprofessionally adjusted are then not accepted.

When we focus on the test content, if it is to provide trustworthy results, it should be based on current and respected scientific findings. For example, very popular typological tests are a great fun first step towards self-knowledge or exploration of the dynamics of human relationships, but contemporary science does not work with them. There is a good reason for this - when a person is classified as a certain type, the accuracy and personal character of the result is lost.

In other words, the preparation of a psychological test that provides truly meaningful results is not as trivial as its questions may seem. What is more, the layman can only partially recognize its quality. Thus an important indicator of the credibility of the test is that experts - psychologists and sociologists - participated in its preparation.

Does my personality change with time? Should I take the tests regularly?

Similar to our body, our personality develops with time slowly but surely. It is related to many influences, such as a relationship with a partner, the chosen profession, friends or education, all of which bring about various life experience and experiences. 

Therefore, it is useful to repeat the tests after some time. However, this should not happen too soon. We are aware of this and remind Salmondo users when it is a good time to do a so-called retest.

It is useful to be able to look back and evaluate your development and by repeating the tests, small oscillations connected to your mood at the time of the test can be eliminated. And a positive motivation for doing a test again is that research shows that our personality improves with time.

Who created Salmondo? Who is the author of the tests?

The tests were created in cooperation with the most experienced Czech psychologists who specialize in the given area.

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